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Customer Comments

Customer Comments

Please read and leave a comment below after your reading. Thank you and God Bless. – Krystle

Customer Name: starcrayze
Crystal is by far the best psychic I have spoken with. She was very incredibly accurate, she amazed me with the things that she told me. She gave me a lot of reassurance and great advice. I will definently be calling her again.

Customer Name: brinda1    
waooooooooooooooooooooooo she is real she picked up so manythings very fast we are impressed i will keep u posted thanks

Customer Name: thewild1    
WOW! Amazing…. very accurate! Im very impressed! Thank you so much for the reading….  will definately call again! I HIGHLY reccomend this advisor!

Customer Name:

Customer Name: iwantjeff    
She’s very accurate, and get’s to the point quickly. Caring and honest. Talk to her.

Customer Name: dessiebelle    
5 *.She intuited,I had paperwork & it would clear up in 2 weeks & it did. She’s been 100% on my lovelife too:she said he would move closer & he did. This time she said we would get together over the coming weeks.Woohoo.cant ya.

Customer Name: dougmck    
Excellent reader. She tuned right into my situation. Accurate and fast. Love the help she gives too! John

Customer Name: teenatoo  
Thanks Krystle – had to call and let you know the affirmations worked!! Thanks so much for you help and spiritual guidance. Just love her!!!

Customer Name: psychic-coco    
I Am Also A Psychic, And I Can Tell If A Reader Is Real Or Fake Krystle Is Excellent! I Highly Recommend Her,She Knew Everything Right Off, I Didnt Say A Word SHE IS THE BOMB

Customer Name: dawn27    
excellent advisor…she will always hit everything right on…you have to call her she is great…if other psychics call her for a reading then you know she is GOOD…dawn:)

Customer Name: dawn27    
i asked her about a friend of mine, because i have not heard from her for a while..krystle sent me an e-mail to call her right away..she told my friend was in the hosp…and she was right..blew me away..YOU HAVE TO CALL HER SHE IS AMAZING!!!!

Customer Name: browneyes143    
very good and precise in giving detail. i really enjoyed talking to her and i really recommend u to do so

Customer Name: kronos455    
Awesome. I have been working with Krystle to open my psychic abilities and all I can say is that the last few weeks have been incredible!

Customer Name: love4peace    
She is very good with specific questions. Give her a try, you will be surprised as I did.

would defintly recommend this person, very positive figure thankyou i took your advise and it worked, i am going to call again Thankyou

Customer Name: mallorca    
She is just the best and the most gifted of the ones I tried, (i’ve tried quite a few)!!! She truly amazed me with the things she told me. I wish I had the whole page to let you know the details. To me she was just incredible!

Customer Name: hannahlynn    
Thank you so much. I enjoyed my reading with you. So accurate, everything that i had on my mind, you picked up on, and so so very true. I will all you back again for sure.

Customer Name: dizzyblond042    
She was amazing. She gave me enough facts to have faith in the future she predicted. I will call her again. A very comforting call. Thanks

Customer Name: mpm01824    
Krystal is the best reader, I have ever used!! She is accurate, caring and persistant. She always speaks the truth in a kind and compassionate way! I urge you to call, you won’t be disappointed!!

Customer Name: mpeisach    
Krystal is the best!! You will not be dissapointed when you call her! She is very accurate, caring and compassionate! I can’t get enough of her insights…and prayers!!! You will be amazed!

Customer Name: purplepansy    
Excellent! She was extremely kind, caring and insightful. I would definately recommend her…. Thank you so very much~

Customer Name: alynda05    
WOW!..she is currently helping me get the love of my life back in my arms and it’s working! hes starting to ask about me.and its amazing howshe knows everything.thank you so much for your help!!!

Customer Name: lilkimmyk    
she helped me sooo much. I believe she truly has a gift. Thank you for all your help, I will keep you posted. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Customer Name: wishing4rc    
This lady is amazing….thank you so much! YoU ARE THE BEST!!

Customer Name: jaded_angel83    
just WOW!she discribed the man i love to the T without me saying anything about him.she is definatly gifted and i recomend her, i look foward to talking to her again.Thanx a ton from rocklin 😀

Customer Name: dooda07    
Thank you sooo much! Your insight is amazing! You described our situation perfectly.. and thank you for the wonderful news!

Customer Name: luckybrat   
I really enjoyed talking to her and what she told me really surprised me because i didn’t know she would know these things. I would recommend her to anyone. thanks alot!!!

Customer Name: atst    
I could feel her energy – I can still feel it now – and she has amazing energy around – she is positive and caring and I feel that all is going to work out – Bless you , thanks for helping us – call her any time

Customer Name: lorisloris    
She is wonderful. I haven’t had to tell her anything…she was so accurate and on the money. I highly recommend her!

Customer Name: cat6960 
krystle thank you for your reading and your help. give her a call she is very good. catherine

Customer Name: gordonbettyr
Krystle is the most caring advisor. She is so gifted by God. I love talking to her. She has become a valued friend to me. She is always right in everything she tells me!

Customer Name: topogigio40
thank you so much i will call you back i needed the reassurance that you gave me. great advice and reading everyone should call it is worth it.

Customer Name: cwfindlay
she is very good she scared me because she was right on the money call her I will be calling back again!

Customer Name: 11Bledine11
She got it right all the way. I am sorry we got cut off i will call again.

Customer Name: KAZAME123 

Customer Name: laura2029 
Thank you so much. Good reading. Highly recommend.

Customer Name: Elaine860 
Krystle, thank you so much!!! You have been the only one who has described my situation to the “T” without me giving you any information other than a name. When you described the circumstances surrounding Victor and his mother, well, I was in awe. You are phenomenal:) Anyone reading this, please call her and you will not be disappointed. Krystle, again, thank you and you gave me such great peace of mind. I will let you know what happens. God Bless you too!!!!!!!

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